Artificial grass – beauty with economy

A lawn is the first step towards the home, pleasing to the eye as well as a place to chill and unwind. In today’s scenario when cost of living is rising in leaps and bounds, maintenance of a natural grass lawn is challenging, both in terms of finance as well as efforts. To combat this […]

Solar Energy Impact On The Future

Irrefutably, solar energy is not only the most abundant power source available on our planet but also the biggest source of renewable energy available. Though it has been tapped for decades as a source of electrical power, the greatest challenge that bedevils the solar energy is how to efficiently and optimally harness its potential. With […]

Why solar energy is very effective?

Solar energy is the most abundant renewable energy resource known to the humanity. The light and heat from the sun are harnessed with the help of various technologies like photovoltaics and solar heating to generate the solar energy. There are several reasons behind why solar energy is the most suitable option to fulfil the energy […]


Hi, I’m Dr Ted Johnson and welcome to my blog on renewable energy. I’ve been studying and researching renewable energy sources for over 20 years now, and I use this job to share what I’ve learnt. I am at the forefront of renewable research and have had several studies published that examine the uses and […]