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Why solar energy is very effective?

Solar energy is the most abundant renewable energy resource known to the humanity. The light and heat from the sun are harnessed with the help of various technologies like photovoltaics and solar heating to generate the solar energy. There are several reasons behind why solar energy is the most suitable option to fulfil the energy demands of humankind. The primary reason is the magnitude of solar energy which is almost indefinite and 10,000 times more than our current energy needs. The fact that solar energy is clean, green and it does not emit any greenhouse gases makes it even more appealing. With the development of technologies that can maximise the utilisation of the solar energy, it is a certainty that it will have long-term benefits. Along with its numerous advantages, it is also very effective in various ways.

Let us see how effective the solar energy is.

Power Supply Demand

Solar energy can fulfil the power demand of the entire planet and yet have plenty of it left. The fact is that the earth receives more solar energy in an hour than the entire human population consumes in a full year. Although currently, we don’t have technologies to utilise it fully, when available it’s effectiveness will increase a thousand folds.

Cooking and Other Chores

Solar energy is very much effective in cooking and water treatments as well. Solar cookers are not very hard to find. They use sunlight for cooking. Sunlight can also be used for pasteurisation and drying. Apart from cooking the solar energy is also effective in water treatment by its UV rays. Solar energy can also be used to treat unused water, without needing any chemicals.

Passive Solar energy influences the Architecture

Passive solar energy influences building designs since ancient times and even today modern urban planning is done keeping in mind the effectiveness of passive solar energy. Buildings are designed in such a way that it receives less sunlight in summers while more in the winters.

Solar energy for transportation

Although the electricity powered vehicle has been made, an effective solar powered vehicle is yet to be made. Solar energy can prove to be very effective in the transportation industry.

Solar energy can be used in various other things like in agriculture, production of fuel, processing heat and many other such things. The effectiveness of solar energy can be known by the fact that it can help us in doing small activities like heating water and cooking to larger things like generating electricity and fuel production.

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